42D Felicite/Sting Ewe Lamb “Grima”

Grima at 69 days old.  07.17.2016

Grima at 69 days old. 07.17.2016

Moorit solid horned ewe. Carries spotting. Born May 9, 2016.

“Grima” means “face mask”, and she is so named for the adorable flashing she was born with on her face. Her mother Felicite has been a wonderful all around sheep for us; long in the body with large hindquarters. She did not even have difficulty whatsoever during her first birth last year. She has been hardy as well; I have never had to worm her. I can say the same for Sting, Grima’s father. Grima should be hardy and well built from this combination. Both are also known for throwing good horns, with Felicite’s line consistently improving horns even from tighter parents. Felicite’s full brother is TC.

Birth Weight:

AI ancestors: Blettur 12.5%, Lundi 6.25%, Abel 6.25%, Kveikur 3.125%, Grani 3.125%, Laekur 1.56%; Lodi 1.56%, Grimur 1.56%, Tyr 1.56%, Kani 1.56%; Bambi 1.56%, Serkur 1.56% Total AI: 42.19%

Birth size: 2

Genotype: AaAa/bb/Ss

Horn code: p’p’

More pictures of Grima:

Grima 05.17.2016

Grima 05.17.2016

Felicite Ram 41D,  Grima at 69 days old.   07.17.2016

Felicite Ram 41D, Grima at 69 days old. 07.17.2016







Grima’s Parents:

Grima’s father, Sting. MISTYMEADOWRAM B4SH319Z -[CAN]685091-H

18C's father, Sting.  MISTYMEADOWRAM B4SH319Z -[CAN]685091-H

Penny’s father, Sting. MISTYMEADOWRAM B4SH319Z -[CAN]685091-H

Sting’s page can be seen here.









Grima’s mother, Felicite. ALX FELICITE M2H 11A -[CAN]704512-H

Felicite the fall of her hogget year.  09.12.2014

Felicite: ALX FELICITE M2H 11A -[CAN]704512-H
. 09.12.2014

Felicite’s page can be seen here.