35D Azalea/TC Ewe Lamb “Isabella” aka “Izzy”

Izzy at 80 days old. 07.17.2016

Izzy at 80 days old. 07.17.2016

Moorit grey horned ewe lamb. May carry spotting. Born April 27, 2016.

I can already say that Izzy is going for sale this year, not because of anything wrong with her, but because she is already turning into such a nice all around sheep and I already have her mother, aunt, and cousin in the flock. I don’t need any more of the genetics from that line. This line tends to be very people oriented for temperaments, and Izzy is no exception; they are the kind that easily become pets. She would be excellent for a small flock that likes to spend time with their sheep. The matriarch of this line, Tryna, was 1/4 Ari the leadersheep, and though Azalea and Cinthi are only 1/8 Ari and Cinthi’s daughter Penny is only 1/16 Ari, that tendency to want to hang out with people and be pet and loved on seems very heritable. Azalea is a Sting daughter, and has inherited that strong parasite resistance that is one of his most positive attributes. She has the heavy body of her father, who traces back to Lundi and Blettur. Yet she managed to get the long legs and high-headed stance of the leadersheep despite her low percentage. Izzy’s father TC is an all around good sheep; good muscling, easy going temperament, excellent horns, beautiful wide set hind legs. He is a son of Ferdinand, our big fat ram from Creek’s Edge lines, bred at Hyalite farm in Montana.
Izzy (short for Isabella) is growing well thus far. Time will tell her parasite resistance, but I’m expecting her to do well based on parentage. She will likely throw good horns in her offspring, as both parents have fine, wide set horns. She also appears to have the wide butt and long straight back legs that both her parents do. (A trait I am fond of, if you can’t tell.)

Birth Weight: 7 lbs.

AI ancestors: Total AI:

Birth size: 2

Genotype: AgAa/bb/s?

Horn code: p’p’

More pictures of 35D:

Azalea, Izzy 05.17.2016

Azalea, Izzy 05.17.2016

Isabella "Izzy" 05.19.2016

Isabella “Izzy” 05.19.2016







Izzie’s Parents:

Izzie’s father, ThunderCheeks. ALX THUNDERCHEEKS M2H17B -[CAN]716309-H

Thundercheeks just shy of 18 months old, his second fall.

Thundercheeks just shy of 18 months old, his second fall.

TC’s page can be seen here.








Izzie’s mother, Azalea. ALX AZALEA B4H 15B -[CAN]714979-H

Azalea the end of her second summer.  11.01.2015

Azalea the end of her second summer. 11.01.2015

Azalea’s page can be seen here.