15B Tryna/Sting Ewe Lamb “Azalea”

Azalea at 46 days old. 06.07.2014.

Black mouflon horned ewe. Carries spotting. Possibly carries moorit (50% chance from each parent). Born April 20, 2014.

This little beauty is from my old gal Tryna. Tryna has a history of producing hardy lambs, and Sting is an exceptionally tough sheep, so she should be quite hardy herself. Both parents have beautiful large hindquarters, and she seems to have gotten them too. Overall, her conformation is very straight and even. I can’t say much for muscling because unfortunately, Tryna’s udder seems to have been damaged, and she did not produce enough milk. So I had to supplemental bottle feed her. We’ve never been able to get them to grow as well in such cases, and she is not as filled out as the rest. I suspect she will catch up when her rumen fully takes over. Since both parents do not silver, she should also not silver with age and stay that lovely jet black all her life. Her wool is very fine and soft. Her horns are tiny, but set out nicely from the head. Her personality just sets her apart, though. Everyone who visits and meets her threatens to take her home with them. She is steadfast and calm and just adores being petted. She will be stroked as long as a person is willing to do so. As such, and because she should have very nice wool, she will be remaining here hopefully as breedstock but at the very least as a wool sheep. For her rough start to life, she has been quite hardy and vigorous, with as good of worm resistance as her fellows.

Birth weight: 8 lbs.

60 day weight: 34 pounds

AI ancestors: Blettur 12.5%; Ari (Leadersheep) 12.5%; Lundi 6.25%; Abel 6.25%; Faldur 3.125%; Serkur 1.56%; Biskup (Leadersheep) 1.56% Total AI: 43.75%

Birth size: 1

Genotype: AtAa/B?/sS

Horn code: p’p’

More pictures of Azalea:

16B at less than an hour old. 04.20.2014

Azalea at 33 days old, coming to greet me. She is very friendly. 05.23.2014

Azalea at 73 days old. 07.03.2014














Azalea’s Parents:

16B’s mother, Tryna. SSW ARNI EWE B5H 017R -[CAN]593961-

Tryna’s page can be seen here.

Penny’s father, Sting. MISTYMEADOWRAM B4SH319Z -[CAN]685091-H

Sting’s page can be seen here.