13B Cinthi/Sting Ewe Lamb “Penny”

Penny at 93 days old. (About 3 months.) 07.19.2013.

Black solid spotted horned ewe. Born April 15, 2014.

Penny is the firstborn lamb of the year, and Cinthi’s first lamb. She was very vigorous and adventurous as a young lamb, with a strong curiosity and an independent streak. She was born very people oriented. This should be the hardiest lamb of the year; both parents have superb worm resistance and have never been sick or had health issues. Cinthi had an easy birth delivering her. At just five days old, she’d already gained 4.5 lbs.

As she has grown, she’s only gotten better. She is huge and bulky, being well muscled over the back and especially over the rump. She has the short and slightly arched over back like her father Sting, leading into those lovely hindquarters. I actually enjoy this trait, as that will mean a stronger back. Those hind legs are exceptionally straight and spaced well apart, another trait I like to see in my stock. Those wide hips should mean easy birthing. The width of her chest is about average, like her father again. Her shoulders are decently wide and flat; not quite as exceptional as Ferdinand but still quite good, and well muscled. Her large feet suggest she will grow up to be a large ewe. Her growth rate has been very good so far as well. Her wool is very abundant and soft. Her horns look like they will grow to be like her mother’s; long and slightly curled. She has been proving to be very worm hardy so far, as have the rest of the lambs. Her temperament continues to be very people oriented. She will always rush up to greet visitors, and loves to be pet.

Birth weight: 9 lbs 8 oz.

60 day weight: 60 pounds.

90 day weight: 83 pounds.

AI ancestors: Blettur 12.5%; Lundi 6.25%; Abel 6.25%; Ari (Leadersheep) 6.25%; Faldur 1.56%; Serkur 1.56%; Biskup (Leadersheep) 0.78% Total AI: 35.16%

Birth size: 2

Genotype: AaAa/B?/SS

Horn code: p’p’

More pictures of Penny:

Penny at a day old. 04.15.2014

Penny at five days old. 04.19.2014

Penny (13B) at 5 days old.

Penny at 36 day old. 05.22.2014

Penny at 52 days old. 06.07.2014

Penny at 60 days old. 06.15.2014.

Penny coming to visit. 06.15.2014

Penny at 78 days old. She is getting so big! She has huge feet, so I suspect she will be a large ewe at full size. 07.03.2014

Penny has straight wide hindquarters like both parents.07.19.2014

Penny has an average width chest, but muscular shoulders like her father Sting. 07.19.2014. (To left: The Brick)

Penny with mother Cinthi, at about 3 months old. Both are quite friendly. 07.19.2014

Penny from the front, right before shearing. She’s about 5 months old. 09.16.2014

Penny from the side, right before shearing. 09.16.2014

Penny from the side right after shearing. She is the most muscular lamb of the year, with the biggest hindquarters. This is what we are striving for as the future of our flock. 153 days old. Taken 09.16.2014.

A picture over the back, to show how muscular she is at about 5 mo old. (153 days.) 09.16.2014

Penny from the front right after shearing. That is her wool behind her. 09.16.2104

Penny had a wonderful huge, muscular hind end. 09.16.2104
































































Penny’s Parents:

Penny’s mother, Cinthi. ALX HYACINTH M5SH 2Z -[CAN]692112-H.

Cinthi’s page can be seen here.

Penny’s father, Sting. MISTYMEADOWRAM B4SH319Z -[CAN]685091-H

Sting’s page can be seen here.