17B Isadore/ Ferdinand Ram Lamb “Thunder Cheeks”

ThunderCheeks (TC) at 126 days old.

Moorit grey horned ram. May carry spotting (50% chance from mother). Born May 3, 2014.

This ram lamb was born at just about the size I want to see, and with smaller horn buds and a narrower forehead that would make for an easier birth. Or else they would have, except that he was both breech and upside down. But once properly in place, he came right out. He is growing into a smaller, but well muscled, ram with huge wide hindquarters from his mother. (Who inherited them from her father Thunder, thus the name Thunder Cheeks.) He will likely top out to be on the smaller side in the range of sizes for rams. Add to that that he seems to have his mother’s larger rumen, and he should be more feed efficient. (His mother does not eat as much as the larger ewes.) Conformationally very sound and square. His horns so far are turning out great. His personality is very inquisitive and bold; he likes to explore and is not afraid to approach people at all, even strangers.

Birth weight: 7 lbs 8 oz.

60 day weight: 56 pounds

AI ancestors: Laekur 3.9%; Kveikur 6.25%; Grani 6.25%; Kani 3.125% + 0.78%; Bambi 3.125%; Lodi 3.125%; Grimur 3.125%; Tyr 3.125%; Morro 1.56%; Ari (Leadersheep) 1.56%; Biskup (Leadersheep) 1.56%; Hunn 1.56%; Moli 1.56% Total AI: 40.9%

Birth size: 2

Genotype: AgAa/bb/s?

Horn code: p’p’

More pictures of 17B:

Isadore’s ram lamb at just an hour old.

17B at 2 days old, from behind. 05.05.2014.

A side view of 17B at 2 days old. 05.05.2014.

Little Brownie (now ThunderCheeks) at 35 days old. 06.07.2014

Isadore’s ram lamb 17B at 20 days old. 06.23.2014

Thunder Creeks showing his extra wide hindquarters at 61 days old. 07.03.2014

Thunder Cheeks at 61 days old. 07.03.2014

The Brick (left) and ThunderCheeks (right) after shearing. TC, 134 days old. 09.13.2014

ThunderCheeks still has those amazing wide hindquarters at 133 days old. (About 19 weeks.) 09.13.2014

TC over the back at 133 days old. Wide chest, good shoulders. Shorter back, but even shoulders and hips. 09.13.2014

All the Ferdinand sons so far have had very straight, square chests, and TC is no exception. TC also has excellent horns. 09.13.2014











































TC’s Parents:


Isadore’s page can be seen here.

15B’s father, Ferdinand. HYA RAM M2H 3Z -[CAN]677982-H

Ferdinand’s page can be seen here.















TC’s full sister from 2013, Felicite:

Felicite the fall of her hogget year. 09.12.2014

Felicite’s page can be seen here, and her lamb page can be seen here.