16B Freya/Ferdinand Ram Lamb “The Brick”

The Brick at 79 days old. 07.19.2014.

Moorit homozygous grey horned ram. Born May 2, 2014.

This fellow was born at over 11 pounds without assistance, and looked like a brick at even a few hours old. He is such a muscular little guy! As he has grown, he has only gotten thicker in the muscle department. He has wide shoulders and a wide rump with nice muscling over both and along his back. His conformation reflects his mother’s most closely, though both parents are quite well muscled and were growthy as lambs. (His full brother Jackelope, from last year, has matured into a compact and muscular ram with a solid build.) The Brick’s horns look nice so far. They definitely have that thickness to them that Ferdinand tends to throw. He has good straight legs and is fairly long bodied. His temperament is more his mother’s; he is rather excitable. His full brother, Jackelope, from last year has proven to have a very even temperament and is well mannered on a lead, or when I need to work with him. He was rather excitable as a lamb too, so I suspect The Brick will also calm down with age.

Birth weight: 11 lbs 8 oz.

60 day weight: 61 pounds.

AI ancestors: Kveikur 6.25%; Grani 6.25%; Lodi 3.125%; Grimur 3.125% + 3.5% = 6.625%; Tyr 3.125%; Kari 1.56%; Faldur 2.35%; Moli 1.56%; Heli 0.78%; Bambi 0.78%; Morro 0.78%; Kani 0.78% Total AI: 33.97%

Birth size: 2

Genotype: AgAg/bb/s?

Horn code: p’p’

More pictures of The Brick:

Freya’s ram lamb at just a few hours old. 05.02.2014.

16B is quite wide over the back and shoulders at only a few hours old. We call him the lamb brick. 05.02.2014.

The Brick at 21 days old. 05,23,2014

The Brick at 62 days old. He is showing very good muscling over his rump, back, and shoulders. 07.03.2014

The Brick at 62 days old. His hindquarters are square and straight. 07.03.2014.

The Brick at 62 days old. He is highly alert and not naturally trusting of people. 07.03.2014

The Brick (with Penny, right) shows the wide chest of his parents. 07.19.2014

The Brick with his mother Freya. He has nice square, straight set legs. 07.19.2014

The Brick at 127 days old. He is calming down as he grows up. 09.06.2014

The Brick from the front at 127 days old. He is next to April, and adult ewe. 09.06.2014

The Brick (right) from behind, the day he was shorn. 134 days old. (About 19 wks) 09.13.2014

The Brick from the front, right after shearing. I love that square chest and leg set. 134 days old. 09.13.2014

The Brick right after shearing. I sheared him, and then I knew I wanted to use him. 134 days old. 09.13.2014.

The Brick over his back, showing how well muscled he is. 134 days old. (About 19 weeks old.) 09.13.2014.

The Brick (left) and ThunderCheeks (right) after shearing. Brick, 134 days old. (About 19 weeks old.) 09.13.2014



























































The Brick’s Parents:

17B’s mother, Freya. 09.15.2012. JWT FREYA B2H 10Y -[CAN]667031-H

Freya’s page can be seen here.

15B’s father, Ferdinand. HYA RAM M2H 3Z -[CAN]677982-H

Ferdinand’s page can be seen here.














The Brick’s Full Brother from 2013:

Jack as a hogget (yearling). He is The Brick’s full bother from 2013. July 4, 2014.

Jackelope’s page can be viewed here.