7A Tryna/Ferdinand Son “Knot”: Registerable

Knot at 60 days old. 06.13.2013.

Moorit grey horned ram. May carry spotting. Born April 16, 2013.

Knot is the first born of Tryna’s twins this year, both of which are moorit grey rams. He is the larger, born 9 pounds. His horns at first looked like they were already angling in, but ends up that was just the tips. As the base has grown out, it has gained a much wider angle from his head. That said, his horns are shorter and thicker than his twin’s. He has excellent wide hindquarters from his mother, but also has her average shoulders and chest. His wool is looking quite nice so far, and will likely be soft and fine like his mother’s. He is a docile, easygoing ram lamb.

These twins have been a little slow on the growth this year due to their mother not producing enough milk. They were bottle fed supplemental milk, but seem a little stunted anyway. They are eating solids now and should hopefully catch up.

Birth weight: 9 lbs.

30 day weight: 14.0 lbs (0.17 lbs/day during first 30 days)

60 day weight: 37 lbs (0.47 lbs/day 60 day average or 0.77 lbs/day second set of 30 days.)

AI ancestors: Ari (Leadersheep) 12.5%; Kveikur 6.25%, Grani 6.25%, Lodi 3.125%, Grimur 3.125%, Tyr 3.125%, Moli 1.56%, Kani 0.78% Total AI: 36.7%

Birth size: 2

Genotype: AgAa/bb/s?

Horn code: p’p’

More pictures of Knot:

Tryna’s firstborn twin for 2013, 7A. Taken 04.16.2013.

Knot from the front at 30 days old. 05.14.2013.

Knot’s behind, 30 days old. 04.15.2013.

Knot posing at 30 days old. 04.15.2013.

Knot at 30 days old. 04.15.2013.

Knot’s front at 60 days old. 06.13.2013.

Knot from behind, 60 days. 06.13.2013.

Knot, 60 days old, between Laelia (left) and The Chunk Monkey (right). 06.13.2013.


























Knot’s Parents:

Dam: “Tryna” SSW ARNI EWE B5H 017R 593961

Ferdinand, HYA RAM M2H 3Z -[CAN]677982-H.. Taken 09.26.2012.