6A Jona/Ferdinand Son “The Chunk Monkey”: Registerable

The Chunk Monkey at 60 days old. 06.13.2013.

Black grey mouflon horned ram. Carries moorit. Born April 16, 2012.

This is the second of the twins born to the first time mother, Jona. His father is Ferdinand. He was born at 7 pounds, 12 ounces. He, like his brother, is robust and growing well, though he is growing a littler faster. He packs a little more muscle than his twin so far, though his wool is shorter. His horns are coming in smaller too, and are likely heterozygous. Personality wise, he is docile and easy to handle. He doesn’t seek attention, but he won’t refuse it either.

A note on the horns of these twins: Jona is heterozygous polled, meaning she carries a horned gene as well. Her family history has been for rams to have full looking though fine horns if they get the polled gene, and no horns on ewes at all (like her.) The heterozygous rams do tend to have horns that are on the smaller, narrower end of the spectrum of normal sized horns. Each twin definitely carries a copy of one of Ferdinand’s horned genes. The Chunk Monkey likely has heterozygous horns, meaning he can pass either a polled gene or a horned gene, like his mother. Check out the picture for comparison.

A comparison of the horns of Jona’s twins. Big Flash is on the right, Chunk Monkey on the left. Note the smaller diameter of Chunk Monkey’s horn, and the lack of a distinct ridge on the upper back side of the horn. That ridge is clearly evident on Big Flash. Both are 60 days old. 06.13.2013.

Birth Weight: 7 lbs 12 oz.

30 day weight: 20.0 lbs (0.41 lbs/day gained during first 30 days.)

60 day weight: 46 lbs (0.64 lbs/day for 60 day average, or 0.87 lbs/day gained during second 30 days.)

AI ancestors: Kveikur 6.25%; Grani 6.25%; Grimur 6.25%; Biskup (Leadersheep) 3.125%; Serkur 3.125%; Lodi 3.125%; Grimur 3.125%; Tyr 3.125%, Moli 1.56%; Heli 1.56%; Kani 0.78; Ari 0.78%: Total AI: 39.2%

Birth size: 2

Genotype: AgAt/Bb/ss

Horn code: p’? (P or p’)


More pictures of The Chunk Monkey:

Jona and Ferdinand’s son, 6A. 04.17.2013.

Chunk Monkey’s hindquarters at 30 days old. 05.14.2013.

Chunk Monkey from the front at 30 days old. 05.14.2013.

The Chunk Monkey at 30 days old. 05.14.2013.

The Chunk Monkey at 30 days old, taken 05.14.2013.

The Chunk Monkey from the front, 60 days. 06.13.2013.

The Chunk Monkey’s hindquarters, 60 days old. 06.13.2013.

The other side of The Chunk Monkey. 06.13.2013.



























The Chunk Monkey’s Parents:

Jona, JWT JONA B4P 14Y -[CAN]667033-H. Fall 2012.

Ferdinand, HYA RAM M2H 3Z -[CAN]677982-H.. Taken 09.26.2012.