9A Freya/Ferdinand Son “The Joker”: Registerable

Moorit grey horned ram. Likely does not carry spotting. Born April 20, 2013.

I am very excited about The Joker and his twin, as I imagine the combination of our bulkiest ewe, Freya, with our hefty ram Ferdinand to be quite the match. Both are fast growers, have good parasite resistance (especially Freya!), and Freya is quite the fluffball. You’ve got to love her wool. The Joker specifically was born at 9 pounds. His birth was a little difficult, as one of his front legs was bent backwards instead of extended forwards. But Freya was a really good girl and let me reposition him enough to get him out. His head resembles his mother, and his wool looks like it will take after his father. His build is already bulky, even at this young age. He should also grow out some really impressive horns as he ages. I’m eager to watch him and his twin grow! He does have his mother’s personality, it seems; rather excitable.

Birth weight: 9 lbs.

30 day weight: 23 lbs (0.47 lbs/day)

60 day weight: 34 lbs (0.42 lbs per day 60 day average, or 0.3 lbs/day previous 30 days.)

AI ancestors: Grimur 6.625%; Kveikur 6.25%; Grani 6.25%; Lodi 3.125%; Tyr 3.125%; Faldur 2.4%; Moli 1.56%;
Kari 1.56%; Kani 0.78%; Heli 0.78%; Bambi 0.78%; Morro 0.78% Total AI: 34%

Birth size: 2

Genotype: AgAa/bb/ss

Horn code: p’p’

More pictures of The Joker:

The Joker at a day old. 04.21.2013.

The Joker’s front end, 05.18.2013.

The Joker behind, 30 days old. 05.18.2013.

The Joker looking over his shoulder, with Jack, 05.18.2013.

The Joker at 30 days old. 05.18.2013.

The Joker from behind at 60 days old. 06.18.2013.

The Joker from the front, 60 days old. 06.18.2013.

Joker with Jack and mother, Freya. 60 days. 06.18.2013.


























The Joker’s Parents:

Freya JWT FREYA B2H 10Y -[CAN]667031-H. 09.15.2012.

Ferdinand, HYA RAM M2H 3Z -[CAN]677982-H.. Taken 09.26.2012.