11A Isadore/Ferdinand Daughter “Felicite”: Registerable

Felicite at 60 days old. Such the looker. 06.19.2013.

Moorit homozygous grey horned ewe. May carry spotting. Born April 22, 2013.

Felicite (Faye-Lee-See-Taye) means “happiness”, because this is the first ewe born in 2013, and I am thrilled about that. She was born at 9.5 pounds as a single to a first time mother. This was the most difficult birth of the season, as neither of her front legs presented; both were tucked at her sides, knees bent and locking against the pelvic girdle. This lamb was not coming out without assistance. I really had to go in, and my wonderful husband helped to hold poor Isadore down until I could get a leg free and at last get that little lamb out. Once on the ground, she was none the worse for wear, and was up and playing with the rest of the lambs as soon as she was released from the jug later that morning. (She was born at about 1 am.) I love the build on this ewe so far. She has some heavy bone structure to her, with huge wide hindquarters just like her mom. In fact, they are the best hindquarters of any of the lambs this year. She also has the most substance over her loin and shoulders; this lamb is muscular all the way from her behind to her chest. She also looks to have gotten her mom’s fluffy soft fleece; she is the fluffiest lamb born this year! She has been maintaining one of the best growth rates, and as of her 60 day weight, is the largest of the lambs. However, Big Flash did have a higher growth his second set of 30 days, so I suspect he will surpass her. Felicite has a wonderful temperament; she is confident and loves human interaction, especially being pet. Plus, she’s double patterned. I’m pretty sure she will be staying here as breeding stock.

Birth weight: 9 lbs 8 oz.

30 day weight: 28 lbs 8 oz. (0.63 lbs/day 30 day average.)

60 day weight: 52 lbs. (0.71 lbs/day 60 day average, or 0.78 lbs/day previous 30 days.)

AI ancestors: Kveikur 6.25%, Grani 6.25%, Laekur 3.91%; Lodi 3.125%, Grimur 3.125%, Tyr 3.125%, Kani 3.125%; Bambi 3.125%; Morro 1.56%; Ari (Leadersheep) 1.56%; Biskup (Leadersheep) 1.56%; Hunn 1.56% ; Moli 1.56%, Kani 0.78% Total AI: 40.61%

Birth size: 1

Genotype: AgAg/bb/s?

Horn code: p’p’

More pictures of Felicite:

Felicite at less than a day old. 04.22.2013.

Felicite from the front at 30 days old. 05.20.2013.

Felicite from behind at 30 days old. 05.20.2013.

Felicite at the mineral feeder at 30 days old. 05.20.2013.

Felicite’s spectacular hindquarters, 60 days old. 06.19.2013.

Felicite with her mother, Isadore. 60 days old. 06.19.2013.

Felicite from the front, itching her hind leg. 60 days old. 06.19.2013.

Felicite drinking with her mother Isadore. 60 days old. 06.19.2013.



























Felicite’s Parents:

Isadore RBREWE ISADORE M5H 186Y -[CAN]667134-H, 10.04.2012.

Ferdinand, HYA RAM M2H 3Z -[CAN]677982-H.. Taken 09.26.2012.