10A Freya/Ferdinand Son “Jackelope”, or “Jack”: Registerable

Jack at 60 days old. June 18, 2013.

Moorit homozygous grey horned ram. Likely does not carry spotting. Born April 20, 2013.

The second born twin out of the Freya and Ferdinand mating! After pulling his brother, Jack came out all correctly positioned. I did pull him just because his mom was tired from the first one. Jack has his father’s head, and looks like he will have his mother’s wool. (Which really excites me because Freya has great wool and plenty of it!) Like his brother, he is extremely active and vigorous. However, Jack is much more calm and handleable. I especially have my eye on this one of the twins, because if he gets his father’s build with his mother’s wool, he could be one nifty ram. Plus, he has a double pattern, which I prefer. Another bonus is so far, he is maintaining spectacular, bright red eye membrane color. Hopefully that means that he has his mother’s parasite resistance, which is the best in the flock.

Birth weight: 9 lbs

30 day weight: 22 lbs (0.43 lbs/day)

60 day weight: 41 lbs (0.53 lbs/day 60 day average, or 0.63 lbs/day previous 30 days.)

AI ancestors: AI ancestors: Grimur 6.625%; Kveikur 6.25%; Grani 6.25%; Lodi 3.125%; Tyr 3.125%; Faldur 2.4%; Moli 1.56%; Kari 1.56%; Kani 0.78%; Heli 0.78%; Bambi 0.78%; Morro 0.78% Total AI: 34%

Birth size: 2

Genotype: AgAg/bb/ss

Horn code: p’p’

More pictures of Jack

Jack at a day old. Taken 04.21.2013.

Jack from behind at 30 days old. 05.18.2013.

Jack from the front, 05.18.2013.

Jack giving a cute face. 05.18.2013.

Jack at 30 days old. 05.18.2013.

Jack’s front at 60 days old. 06.18.2013.

A closeup of Jack’s face, 60 days old. 06.18.2013.

Jack and his twin Joker from behind, 60 days old. 06.18.2013.


























Jack’s Parents:

Freya JWT FREYA B2H 10Y -[CAN]667031-H. 09.15.2012.

Ferdinand, HYA RAM M2H 3Z -[CAN]677982-H.. Taken 09.26.2012.