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Sam at 35 days (5 weeks) old, taken May 28, 2012.

Black solid horned ram. Carries moorit and spotting. Born April 23, 2012.

Sam is a black ram lamb born to Lilija and Freyr. He has very dense wool, a long body, and thick bone structure like his father Freyr. He’s been growing well and is a solid little ram. He has a very outgoing personality like his mother. His horns are developing well, and continue to grow outward nicely. It is unknown whether he got his father’s polled or horned gene, as Freyr’s polled gene doesn’t seem to affect ram horn growth and is indistinguishable from a fully horned ram’s horns. He got a horned gene from his fully horned mother.

For his adult profile, go to the Meet the Rams page.

AI ancestors: Tigull (Leadersheep) 6.25%; Bambi 3.125% from each parent, totalling 6.25%; Leifur (Leadersheep) 3.125%; Biskup (Leadersheep); 3.125%; Hnykill 3.125%:; Ari (Leadersheep) 1.56%; Prestur (Leadersheep) 1.56%; Biskup (Leadersheep) 0.78% ; Faldur 1.56%, Biskup (Leadersheep) 0.78% Total AI: 28.12%

Birth size: 1

Genotype: AaAa/Bb/Ss

Horn code: p’? (P or p’)

More pictures of Sam:

Sam the day he was born, April 23, 2012.

Sam at 26 days old, taken May 19, 2012.

Sam at 35 days (5 weeks) old, taken May 28, 2012.

Sam at 12 weeks old, weighing 93 pounds. Taken July 7, 2012.








Sam’s Parents

Dam: Lilija SSW LJUFUR EWE B24H 162X 654162-H

Sire: “Freyr” JWT FREYR MSH 21X 651505-H