SSW ARNI EWE B5H 017R -[CAN]593961-

A side view of Tryna, taken in September of 2011.

Black solid horned ewe. Carries moorit, solid, and spotting. Born April 29, 2005.

Meet Tryna, the eldest ewe of my flock, and also the current largest. She is one of the first two ewes that I purchased the end of April, 2011, from Sunrise Sheep and Wool Farm in Minnesota. She has a nice stout, medium-long body, with straight legs and a square chest and hindquarters, and an average bone structure. Her wool is soft with short, sparse tog and dense thel. I suspect her tog quantity is low due to age, since she had more wool quantity in a picture I have of her in her younger years, and her lambs this year and last all had nice abundant wool. She has a decent parasite resistance; she has been fairly low maintenance to keep the worms in check. She has an alert personality, but still she loves to come up to people to be scratched, especially on the chest and neck. She birthed twins unassisted this spring, and raised both those fast growing twins to excellent size. She is an excellent, attentive mother. She carries moorit and spotting, and throws the most beautiful markings in her spotted offspring. (As is evidenced by her 2012 daughters- see the lamb page.) She has a nice full set of horns, and judging by the lack of any polled ancestors for several generations at least, she has two copies of the horned gene.

Weight on October 11, 2012: 146 pounds.

She produced 2.5 pounds of wool in the Fall 2012 shearing.

Bred in 2011 to Freyr; produced twin 2012 daughters, Solfi and Cinthi.

Tryna was bred to Ferdinand in 2012 for spring 2013 lambs. She gave birth to twin moorit grey ram lambs on April 16, 2013. Click here for a profile of Spot, and here for a profile of Knot.

Tryna was bred to Sting in 2013 for 2014 lambs. She produced a single mouflon ewe lamb, 16B.

Update 09.13.2014 Due to the loss of too many of her teeth, Tryna is no longer able to hold her weight anymore. She was put down before winter while she was still thin, but content.

AI ancestors: Ari (Leadersheep) granddaughter (25% Ari)

Birth size: 2.

Lambing record: 12nn3n22

Genotype: AaAa/Bb/Ss

Horn code: p’p’

More pictures of Tryna:

A front view of Tryna taken in the fall of 2011.

Tryna in on a windy day in the pasture. Taken 09.10.2012.

Tryna newly sheared in her 7th autumn. 10.23.2012.

Tryna right after shearing. She’s 7 and looking good. 10.23.2012.