Jack as a hogget. He is mowing the lawn. (Thus the collar.) July 4, 2014.

Moorit homozygous grey horned ram. Likely does not carry spotting. Born April 20, 2013.

Jack is mostly his mother, Freya, for build. He has a beautiful square build overall; his chest and up around his shoulders are wide and muscular. He has very straight, stout front legs. His hind legs are straight as well, with stocky bone and about average muscling and spacing. He is well muscled over the back and rump, especially as he has entered his second summer, with a wide barrel ribcage like his mother. He has really grown the summer of 2014 so far. He was a bit stunted last summer due to mineral issues, which we fixed this year. When weighed on July 6 of 2014, he had gained about 40 pounds since fall, showing much better his true growth potential. His horns are still staying away from his face, but are a little close as a yearling. I can get two fingers between his cheek and horn, and they are curling out now. His wool is primarily his mother’s; lots of volume of very soft, puffy wool, without a whole lot of crimp. He is growing in the coat of his second summer quite well; it is thicker with more volume than any other sheep on the farm right now. He also rooed out without the need to shear this spring. (I hand rooed him.) His wool has nice luster. His parasite resistance has been great; he and his twin have had bright red membranes all summer without any chemical worming. His personality is about perfect; he is not a spaz, doesn’t bolt or get worked up by things, and comes to greet me to get some scratches on his back and rump. He is not pushy and is overall very even tempered. Never challenged me. He is also well lead trained at a year old, and readily gives to pressure. Thus he can be safely tied out to mow the lawn, as I have had him and his buddy do regularly the summer of 2014.

Update October 27, 2014: Jack was sent to freezer camp because his horns grew too tight, and I won’t use a ram with bad horns. (I won’t sell what I wouldn’t use myself.) He was otherwise a very well built ram, and I leave his profile here as an example of a Ferdinand offspring.

For Jack’s lamb profile, click here.

AI ancestors: AI ancestors: Grimur 6.625%; Kveikur 6.25%; Grani 6.25%; Lodi 3.125%; Tyr 3.125%; Faldur 2.4%; Moli 1.56%; Kari 1.56%; Kani 0.78%; Heli 0.78%; Bambi 0.78%; Morro 0.78% Total AI: 34%

Birth size: 2

Genotype: AgAg/bb/ss

Horn code: p’p’

More pictures of Jack

Jack at 120 days old. 08.16.2013.

Jack at 120 days old. 08.16.2013.

Jack from behind, showing his square hindquarters. 10.16.2013.

Jack from the side shortly after shearing. 10.16.2013.

Jack at 6 months old. 09.25.2013.

Jack as a hogget. 07.04.2014.



















Jackelope’s Parents:

17B’s mother, Freya. 09.15.2012. JWT FREYA B2H 10Y -[CAN]667031-H

Freya’s page can be seen here.

15B’s father, Ferdinand. HYA RAM M2H 3Z -[CAN]677982-H

Ferdinand’s page can be seen here.