RBR EWE DREA M3H 31S -[CAN]606720-NH

Drea in the Pasture, taken 09.07.2012.

Moorit badgerface horned ewe. Born June 4, 2006.

Drea arrive from Sink Hollow Farm in Illinois in September of 2012. She is a well experienced ewe with a personality that reflects that; she is the sweetest, most docile ewe that I’ve ever come across. She loves food, and loves attention. She is also a bold, brave ewe, a natural leader. She took over as matriarch without a fuss the day she arrived. Everyone just knew to respect this gal. She is a calm, attentive leader who passes that on to the entire flock. This has been a huge unexpected bonus with the addition of this lovely ewe. Drea is a big ewe; long-bodied and stout boned with an overall heavy build. It is hard to tell her wool quality anymore at her age, but judging by the volume of her neck ruff and the softness of her wool still, it seems that in her younger days she probably had quite a fleece. Her horns are nice, and there is not question that she is homozygous horned. The role she plays in our breeding program is add the badgerface pattern, and to add some nice stout build. Hopefully she will pass that wonderful temperament too.

Update 11.21.2013. Drea killed herself in a most unusual fashion: she somehow managed to get her incisors stuck around the wire of the 2×4 nonclimb fence we use for the sheep. That wire was wedged between her two front teeth to the point where she found herself trapped to the fence by her mouth. She had only just died a few minutes before I found her, probably by breaking her neck in her struggle to free herself. If she had only held on a little longer, I could have freed her… but alas, I am now without my lovely badgerfaced ewe. Very sad about losing her. :(

Her weight on October 11, 2012: 129 pounds.

She produced 2.5 pounds of wool in the Fall 2012 shearing.

She was bred to Ferdinand in 2012 for spring 2013 lambs. She gave birth to a single moorit grey ewe lamb on April 22, 2013. Click here for the profile on Laelia.

AI ancestors: 6.25% Laekur Total AI: 6.25%

Birth size: 3

Genotype: AbAa/bb/ss

Horn code: p’p’

More pictures of Drea:

Drea from the front, taken 09.07.2012.

Drea taking in the sunset, taken 09.07.2012.

Drea eating a pumpkin. 09.15.2012.

Drea right after shearing. 10.27.2012.