JWT FREYR MSH 21X -[CAN]651505-H

The handsome first herdsire of our flock, Freyr. This isn’t even quite full fluff either; he put on another few inches before the fall shearing.

Moorit solid spotted horned ram. Born March 27, 2010.

Freyr is this farm’s first herdsire, added to the flock the summer of 2011. He is the father to all of the 2012 lambs, though this was to be his only breeding season. He was chosen in part for his color and pattern, and in part because he has long soft wool for a ram, and plenty of it. You see, with a moorit solid spotted ram, you know exactly what he carries for color and pattern; all three traits are recessive, and therefore he must have two copies of each. Therefore, I know what he always passes to his offspring, which makes it easier to figure out what the ewe contributed, and what may be hiding under her dominant traits. Freyr is from a fast growing line, which seems to pass to his offspring. He also has a heavier bone structure with a long body, with sturdy legs and solid feet. Freyr has a very docile, friendly personality. He likes to be pet, and be in the middle of the action. He leads nicely on a halter, and is not very testy. Freyr has a wide face and handsome full-sized horns, and so far have enough clearance from his face. They are nicely symmetrical. The mystery of these horns is that Freyr produced a hornless daughter. This would suggest he carries one horned gene and one polled, except that current research suggests it is not possible to get full horns in a ram where a polled gene is present. I address this mystery in an ongoing research article that can be found in the library. So to summarize, either he defies the current research about horns, or else he expresses a third form of horn inheritance, sex-linked horn inheritance, seen in a closely related breed and which results in full horns in males and no horn in females. I aim to solve this so I can say with confidence what to expect for horns in any offspring on this farm.

Update 07.16.2012: It has been decided that Freyr will be retired from breeding this year. It was a tough decision because I really like how his lambs turned out overall, but his horns are starting to get close to his face, and as I wish to let him live out his days here and do not want to have to cut his horns, he will be wethered earlier than I planned to stop his horn growth. I am also wethering him because the decision has been made to eliminate polling in the flock, and he only has one non-sex linked horn gene. Because he has such an outstanding and docile personality, he will become the farm greeter and bellwether of the ewe flock. His son Sam is turning out to have many of the attributes that I like in Freyr, so he will replace his father.

Update 07.25.2012: This is the day that Freyr the ram became Freyr the wether.

Breeding Seasons Used: 2011

AI ancestors: Faldur 6.25%, Biskup (Leadersheep) 3.125%

Birth size: 2

Genotype: AaAa/bb/SS

Horn code: p’ and ? (P or p)

More pictures of Freyr:

Freyr in the July of his second year. Taken 07.22.2012.

Freyr walking proudly. 08.22.2012.

Freyr not long after shearing. 10.24.2012.

Freyr the wether keeping the ewe lambs company. 11.18.2012.