2011 Breeding Group

This year, which marks the first breeding season, there was just a single ram on the farm, and only two breeding age ewes.

Breeding Ram: Freyr

Freyr, father of all the 2012 born lambs. 08.22.2012.

Freyr (CLRC Number: -[CAN]651505-H) is a large ram with a heavy bone structure and some exceedingly abundant and rather soft wool. He is from fast growing and prolific lines. He has excellent strong hindquarters, though average forequarters. His parasite resistance has been good. His personality has been spectacular; he is extremely laid back and docile. His horns proved a little tight, and he carries a polled gene, so he was wethered after this breeding season. He is moorit, solid, and spotted. See the Meet the Rams page for a more complete profile.

Ewes bred to Freyr in 2011 for 2012 lambs:

Lilija on pasture, 09.10.2012.

Lilija (CLRC Number: -[CAN]654162-H) is a more petite built leadersheep lineage ewe with a lovely noble carriage and very nice soft wool. She is milky and raises fast growing lambs. Her parasite resistance has been good, even while lactating. Her personality is very forwards and bold, but hands off. She is black carrying moorit, frosted mouflon/solid, and carries spotting. For a more complete profile, see “Meet the Ewes.”

Lilija gave birth to a single ram lamb on April 23, 2012. See his profile at “2012 Lambs”

A profile view of Tryna, taken September 9 of 2011.

Tryna (CLRC Number: -[CAN]593961-) is my largest ewe as of the fall of 2012. She is a heavy built, long bodied gal with excellent hindquarters. Her forequarters are average. Her wool is quite soft. Her parasite resistance has been acceptable. She is from prolific lines, and throws twins and triplets, mostly ewes, quite reliably. She is an excellent mother. Her personality is wary and alert, but she loves to get pet by those she trusts. She is black carrying moorit, solid, and carries spotting. See “Meet the Ewes” for a more complete profile of her.

Tryna gave birth to twin ewe lambs on April 14, 2012. See “2012 Lambs” for more info on them.